Spring-Ford SNAP
The Spring-Ford community saving lives one party at a time...


(Student Need an Alternative Party)

Is a tradition that has been in place for more than 10 years at Spring-Ford High School and is a parent sponsored Post Prom Party which provides a safe place for students to go after prom. They will have plenty of entertainment, games, food and prizes to keep them busy from 11pm-4am.


SNAP is in great need of new people to join the SNAP organization in the upcoming 2015-2016 school year. Please consider even if only in a small way. We can’t continue to put on “Spring-ford’s Amazing Post Prom Event” without continuous fundraising and planning. It takes a lot of volunteers thru the year in addition to the weekend of post prom.

Contact Jennifer Ludgate at thom7@aol.com or Wendy White at dwkwhite28@comcast.net for more information.

Have an awesome summer..       




Open Chair Positions:

Secretary- some responsibilities include: attend monthly SNAP and Education Foundation Meetings,-write up minutes from each, submit ‘Use of Facilities’ forms for all events (via email), and draft and send monthly district emails to IT.


Website- keep website up to date with events info, photos etc.- *can be done from home**


Public Relations-  keep Spring-ford PR person and SF school Representative up to date with event flyers, make sure HS electronic sign has current SNAP info (goes thru HS office), send event flyers to 11th grade house principle for in school announcements, send event info to all SF H&S’s and Royersford Library- **this all can be done via email**



Fundraiser Chairs needed

Designer Basket Bingo Sunday Nov 8, 2015 1pm-Shelley Kratz is the chair but needs a committee to help her


Spring-ford’s Got Talent- committee needed- Spring 2016


Dancing with the Stars- committee needed Spring 2016





Post Prom Event- Weekend of April 30


Decorating Take Down/clean up chair-  would coordinate the take down of all the decorations on Sunday after the post prom (4am-10am) with a team of volunteers and be responsible for loading and then unloading the truck at SNAP’s storage unit.


Tokens – organize chocolate bar token sale, purchase, wrap and print messages, then sell additional tokens at SNAP walk thru on Sat from 6:30-9pm


3rd Chair for Food – will join 2 other current chairs- contact vendors about donations,  order additional food, helping to shop and pick up items, Friday night pick up/ setup of pizza and drinks for decoration volunteers, Sat setup and helping overnight of Post Prom event with a team of volunteers.


2nd Chair for Registration- will join a current chair in getting students registered for the post prom starting about 2 weeks before event, helping during student registration the night of the post prom.


2nd Chair for Entertainment- will join a current chair, help to organize and setup entertainment on the Friday and Sat before post prom. Also help with entertainment during walk thru on Sat and then during post prom event.


 2015-2016 scheduled SNAP events: Mark Your Calendar


SNAP’s 5K Color Run- Sunday Oct 11, 2015 at 1:00pm at the high school cross country track


Spring-ford Live- Battle of the Bands- Friday Oct 22, 2015 at 8pm in the 9th grade auditorium after the Powder Puff Football game.  Contact Maria at mhadfieldproperties.com or James at atsdmin@sunconsult.net for audition info.


Designer Bag and Gift Card Bingo- Sunday Nov 8, 2015 at 1:00pm in the high school café


Please go to www.sfsnap.org for up to date information on all events.